Coming Soon !

Corporate Advertising

As we roll-out our mobile app, we're anticipating a rush of live picture and video content to start to flood into each community site. With this content in mind, we'll be providing a number of corporate advertising packages to help the current situation of live pictures and videos to be more useful to our members.

For example: Pictures and videos are 'localised in a community' from the mobile app, 'Weather' as their category and 'Large hailstorm approaching' as the title.

Taking this situation into consideration, it would then be useful for insurance companies to advertise their brand, based on the contents text information, to make sure that their contact details are on hand for the communities and the people in those communities who need it at that time. Thus being useful and helping people according to the current situation!

In the coming months we'll display the types of corporate advertising that will be available on Bizad below.